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Ygrasia 110 Moisture Analyzer

Ygrasia 110 Moisture Analyzer

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Introducing the Ygrasia 110 Moisture Analyzer, a reliable and efficient solution for precise moisture analysis. With its impressive 110g maximum weight capacity, this analyzer allows you to accurately measure the moisture content of various substances. Equipped with a halogen lamp/hbm sensor and an aluminum shell with a stainless steel chamber, it ensures durability and consistent performance.

The Ygrasia 110 Moisture Analyzer offers convenient features for ease of use. Its 16 memory programmable options allow you to save temperature and time settings, streamlining your workflow. The PT100 temperature sensor ensures accurate and reliable temperature readings within a range of 40°C to 199°C. Additionally, the LCD display and user-friendly interface make it simple to navigate and control the device.


  • 110g Maximum weight capacity
  • 16 Memory programmable options temperature and time set options
  • Halogen lamp/hbm sensor
  • Aluminum shell with stainless steel chamber


  • FCC

Features & Benefits:

  • 40°c to 199°c temp range
  • PT100 temp sensor
  • 3 year warranty

Controller features:

  • LCD display
  • 15 User defined storage slots
  • Temp setting 40°c – 199°c, 1°c increments
  • Time setting: 1-99 mins, 10 sec. increments
  • Interface – rs232

Technical details

  Ygrasia 110 Moisture Analyzer
HGS SKU Number 10813001
Heat Source Halogen Lamp
Dimensions 200 X 180 X 380mm
Capacity 110g
Weight 6 Kg / 13.2 Lbs
Electrical 110v +/-15% 60hz / 400w
Pan Size 90mm Diameter
Moisture Range 0.00% - 100.00%
Moisture Readability 0.2%
Dry Range 100.00% - 0.00%
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