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3 Stage Bag Filters

Did you buy a 3 or more stage bag filter system? Are you thinking of buying one? Keep reading.

"Green" Filtration Via OSN Membrane

I'm excited about the coolest new development in the extraction industry; Organic Solvent Nano Filtration using Membrane Filtration. As I learn mor...

Why I Like Filter Presses

Filter presses are also the best option to do most if not all steps of the modern extraction lab, as they can do pre-filtration of particles, remov...

Room Temperature Winterization???

If it's fractionation using temperature, then how can it be done at room temperature? Prepare to have your mind blown away!

Centrifuge: Cold or Room Temp Extraction?

Many new processors ask me what I think about running room temperature and skipping the expense of a chiller in the first place. Lots of processors...

What Size Lenticular do I need? Lenticular Module Testing

It isn't always straight forward to size the right lenticular housing for your process since your needs will vary with extraction temperature, extr...

Carbon In Leach

We recommend a fine powdered carbon for fast adsorption, one which is food grade and complies with HACCP guidelines. We recommend Carbon in Leach a...

Lenticular Feed: Pumps or Compressed Air

Lenticular filters require smooth flow to operate correctly and efficiently. This can be achieved with a pump or compressed air.

What Filtration System Should I purchase?

If you are a small craft producer or have a low budget, trolleys are and option for you that can grow with your operation. If you have CO2 or high ...

Lenticular Skids for Centrifuges

If you use centrifuge technology to extract cannabinoids from biomass, we strongly recommend Lenticular based filtration methods. For this reason, ...

Trolley Vacuum Troubleshoot

Vacuum assist helps increase filtration rate, but overzealous use can lead to problems. Here is a simple troubleshooting guide.

Winterization SOP, my take on it anyways.

Most likely you will come to the same conclusion I did, you must winterize.