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Xiros Mikro Freeze Dryer

Xiros Mikro Freeze Dryer

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Introducing the Xiros Mikro Freeze Dryer, a top-of-the-line product designed to meet all your freeze-drying needs. This UL-certified freeze dryer has a market-leading ice-holding capacity, making it perfect for larger batches or longer defrost intervals. With its low-profile design, loading is effortless, and the superior performance vacuum technology fittings and connectors ensure efficient operation 24/7.

Featuring a 5” color touchscreen, the Xiros Mikro is fully programmable to suit specific applications such as reducing terpene loss. The product can be operated manually or with its automatic drying cycle, and it has USB connectivity for software upgrades and data logging.

The US version of the Xiros Mikro has 9 shelves, a total condenser capacity of 11L, and a typical product capacity of 9.6kg at 80% moisture content. Its shelf stack options include 9, 7, 5, 3, or 1 shelves, making it versatile for various needs. The product weighs 87 kg, and the shelf temperature accuracy is +/- 3°C.

At our online store, we offer the Xiros Mikro Freeze Dryer with a Commercial Grade 2-Year Warranty*, ensuring you get top-quality components from leading suppliers. With its superior performance and unmatched durability, the Xiros Mikro Freeze Dryer is the perfect addition to any laboratory or industrial setting. Order yours today!


  • UL certified
  • Market-leading ice holding capacity for larger batches or longer defrost intervals
  • Easy load due to low-profile machine design
  • High-quality and performance components from leading suppliers
  • Designed to run 24/7
  • Superior performance vacuum technology fittings and connectors used (instead of refrigeration technology components)
  • Commercial Grade 2-Year Warranty*

US Specifications:

  • 9 shelves (US version)
  • Ice Condenser Volume = 11L
  • Ice Condenser Capacity = 8kg
  • Ice Condenser Performance = 4kg in 24h
  • Minimum Shelf Temperature for Freezing -45C
  • Maximum Shelf Temperature for Drying +50C
  • Typical Product Capacity = 9.6 kg at 80% moisture content


  • 5” color touchscreen
  • Programmable to suit specific applications e.g. to reduce terpene loss
  • Fully Manual Operation
  • Automatic drying cycle
  • USB connectivity for software upgrades and data logging

Technical details

  Xiros Mikro
HGS SKU Number 10107002
Tray Size

9-shelf tray: 200 x 450 x 12 mm

7-shelf tray: 200 x 450 x 15 mm

5-shelf tray: 200 x 450 x 20 mm

3-shelf tray: 200 x 450 x 20 mm

Shelf Distance

9 shelves = 21 mm

7 shelves = 28 mm

5 shelves = 40 mm

3 shelves = 68 mm

1 shelf = 208 mm

Tray Spaces

9 shelves: 8.72 sq ft

7 shelves: 6.78 sq ft

5 shelves: 4.84 sq ft

External Dimensions (mm) 770 (D) x 748 (W) x 507 (H)
Weight 87 kg
Total Condenser Capacity 11 L / 2.9 Gallon
Ice Condenser Capacity 8 kg
Condenser Performance 4 kg per 24 hours
Ice Condenser Temperature -40°C
Typical Product Capacity 9.6 kg at 80% moisture
Shelf Stack Options 9, 7, 5, 3,1 shelves
Shelf Stack Dimensions(mm) 465 (L) x 210 (W) x 240 (H)
9-shelf Stack Weight 18.3 kg
7-shelf Stack Weight 14.8 kg
5-shelf Stack Weight 11.3 kg
3-shelf Stack Weight 7.8 kg
Electrical 110V +/-10% 60Hz 8.5A
Maximum Pump Current 3 A
Minimum Shelf Temperature -35 °C
Maximum Shelf Temperature +60 °C
Shelf Temperature Accuracy +/- 3 °C
Noise Level(without pump) 54 dB(A)
Ultimate Vacuum 2.5 x 10-2 mbar

A pump is not included. Choose one of these options:

Anemos Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump
Aether Series Vacuum Pump

Shipping Weight: 265 Pounds:
Dimensions: 31 x 30 x 20"

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