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XActive Carbon ™

XActive Carbon ™

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Our namesake adsorbent provides effective remediation for most impurities and colorants.


Purpose: XActive Carbon™ is a powerful non-selective adsorbent with strong affinity for elemental & organic impurities, including arsenic, mercury, chlorophyll, pesticides, and other mineral and biological contaminants absorbed by plants. This hard granular form has slower adsorption diffusion and allows unhindered fluid flow, so selectivity can be optimized by tuning residence with a needle valve.

Composition: Our XActive Carbon™ is a low -dust, 0.25-0.5mm granular activated charcoal (GAC) derived from coconut shell that is naturally endowed with perfect ratios of micro, meso & macro porosity, inherited upon carbonization. Such vast surface area in our GAC is comparable to that of a powder (PAC). Albeit acid-activated, our GAC is water-purified, leaving only trace free acid and its nearly neutral 6.6 pH.

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