Tray Prep Screen for Lyopilization

Tray Prep Screen for Lyopilization

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This product is being discontinued. Please click here for the new version.


Mesh screen for loading freeze dryer trays.

Enhance your hash production with our Tray Prep Screen for Lyophilization. This innovative mesh screen is designed to optimize the freeze-drying process by effectively draining excess water from your trays. Use this equipment and follow our step-by-step SOP video to prepare trays, ensuring an efficient and solventless method for drying trichomes from ice-water extraction (IWE).

Unlike traditional methods, our specialized screen maintains the ideal water content necessary for optimal lyophilization while expediting the drying process. It breaks up the patty, increasing surface area and accelerating water removal. Laboratory comparisons have shown that our approach significantly outperforms the competition in terms of speed and effectiveness. Take your hash production to new heights with this cutting-edge SOP and maximize your yields with our Tray Prep Screen for Lyophilization.

  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Mesh Aperture: 45 Micron (305 LPI)
  • Dimensions:
    • Medium: 9.5″ W x 20″ L
    • Large: 11″ W x 22″ L

Mesh Fabric Liner sold separately. Order Tray Liners Here.

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Made in the USA

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