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Stainless Steel Centrifuge Cup Strainers

Stainless Steel Centrifuge Cup Strainers

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Introducing our Stainless Steel Centrifuge Cups, compatible with the Centrifuga Botanica 750 ml and the Centrifuga Botanica B4 1000 ml.

Designed to optimize the drying process and enhance hash production in both 750 ml and 1000 ml centrifuge models.

Crafted for efficiency, these cups efficiently drain excess water, ensuring superior drying conditions. Featuring a specialized screen design, they expedite the process by introducing a second sublimation front on the cup bottom. This increases surface area and accelerates water removal, surpassing traditional methods effectiveness.

What's more, these versatile cups can be used with or without filter bags, providing flexibility to suit your specific production needs.

Maximize your hash yields with our Stainless Steel Centrifuge Cups and streamline your production process.


Material: 316L Stainless Steel Cup and Basket
Porosity: 100 micron sintered mesh basket

Please note that the cups are not included with the centrifuge.
Mesh liners are not included.
Centrifuge black rotor cup is not included.


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