Steel Short Path Distillation Kit

Steel Short Path Distillation Kit

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The short path functions according to the principles of a recycling bump trap. Vapor may climb the column easily while liquid drips back down into the boiling flask. This creates a very clear distillate even when the boiling flask is splashing like crazy.

Better flange short paths are meant for efficient use. They are easy to setup, easy to clean, and difficult to break.

2, 5, 10, or 20 Liter sized short path distillation kit. Includes one boiling flask and three collection flasks. Includes everything pictured. Does not include stands, mantle, vacuum gauge, and vacuum pump unless specified. Recommendations are available on request.


  • Fast – Main body generally complete in 3-4 hours at 180C.
  • Easy to use – consistently use the system every day.
  • Durable – will not break or require expensive pieces.
  • No grease contamination – grease contamination is a shame. No grease is used in the interior of the system.
  • Lowest vacuum levels – few chances for leaks exist in kf-25 fittings. Focus on other things other than leaks.
  • Inexpensive – comparable price to same sized systems without the depreciation or breaking parts.
  • No Isomerization – Little to no CBN formed when operating the short path as directed.

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