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R525 Extraction Centrifuge - Botanical Solvent Extraction

R525 Extraction Centrifuge - Botanical Solvent Extraction

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Discover the pinnacle of plant oil extraction with our 25lb Capacity Centrifuge. Crafted by experts with over a decade of experience, this centrifuge revolutionizes your extraction process. With lightning-fast 2000lbs per 24-hour processing, dynamic shear technology, and 780 G's drying power, it's your go-to solution. Safety is paramount with an explosion-proof C1D1 NEMA XP Motor, meeting UL and CSA standards. This food-grade, 1500RPM centrifuge boasts a spacious 17-gallon volume basket, stainless steel contact parts, PTFE seals, and corrosion-resistant materials. Don't miss out on the ultimate in efficiency and safety. Click the purple button for full specs and to connect with us. Elevate your extraction game with our 25lb Capacity Centrifuge today!

Whether plotting your extraction lab, or surrounded by bags of material needing processing, you need an intrinsically safe and reliable way to wash the beneficial oils from the plant and dry the plant matter.

I’ve been designing, assembling, servicing and using centrifuges for the last 12 years. They are remarkably useful machines and I’ve seen them work with many kinds of oil.   Whether it be used cooking oil, algae, motor oil and plant extracts, I can confidently say that centrifuges will work magic when needing to separate liquids and solids.

It became clear that our market needed a food grade, safe and reliable centrifuge to remove oils safely from plants, without waxes.  

Here is one of the most thought out and well designed centrifuge out there.  It will not only make a safe and clean extraction of plants, it makes it easy and fast.  

While it’s top of mind, grab the detailed spec sheet by clicking the purple button. That will also provide you a way to connect with questions.

Speed Processing

Sometimes you may just have to process 2000lbs in a 24 hour period.   This centrifuge built to extract at warp speed using our dynamic shear tech.  Other efficiencies built in are features for quick cleaning, stored recipes and 780 G’s of drying power.  75% larger than comparable 15lb centrifuges.

Explosion proof motors are equipped to contain an explosion that may occur inside a motor, as well as prevent explosive gases and vapors from being released into the environment. Its robust construction meets the UL and CSA
listed Hazardous Locations requirements. This product line is designed for use in Class I, Division 1, Group D, and Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F, and G and carries a temperature code rating of T3C (160˚C).

  • C1D1 NEMA XP Motor 
  • 5HP, 3.7kW
  • Full Load Amps 13.9
  • 230/460 3 Phase
  • Continuous Duty
  • 1.15 Service Factor
  • TEFC
  • Oversized 300 Series Bearings
  • Non-Sparking Brass V-Ring Slingers
  • Corrosion-Resistant ASTM Grade 5 Hardware

Additional Specs

  • 25lb Capacity
  • 1500RPM
  • 17 gallon Volume Basket
  • C1D1 Motor 5HP Stock
  • PTFE Contact Seals
  • Size: 28x48x60”
  • 750lbs
  • 230V 1 Phase Power Stock
  • 16A FLA
  • Materials are SS304 contact parts
  • Other parts are Anodized aluminum, PTFE Seals(stock), misc. brass and plastic for safety
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