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PRI-600 Pre-Roll Infusion Machine

PRI-600 Pre-Roll Infusion Machine

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The Credence PRI-600 is the most advanced Preroll Infusion System on the Cannabis Market. It will reliably infuse up to 600 prerolls per hour while accurately placing the concentrate material exactly where you specify within the preroll. This machine has several novel features which aid in the quick setup of the system and provide consistency in the infusion process. These will be individually covered in this manual.

The PRI-600 is based upon Credence proven technology and is an extension of the CFS-1000 platform. It has a PLC controller and Display screen with input buttons. The Elevator (or Z mechanism) is a stepper-motorized, vertically moving platform that has specific tooling attached to it to raise the preroll support tube with the preroll inside, vertically upward, impaling the preroll onto the heated dispensing needle. The Z moves quickly up when the preroll tube is loaded and the metal band on the preroll tube is sensed by the controller. The Z moves up, full speed, until the elevator is at the prescribed dispense start point. The Z then begins to lower at a controller-calculated speed while the pump dispenses the material at a set rate to match your desired inputs. The Z continues downward until the pump finishes the dispensing and then switches into full speed to the bottom. The preroll tube with the infused preroll is removed and the next preroll tube with preroll is inserted. While the next preroll is being infused, the operator ejects the finished infused preroll from its tube and loads the next preroll into the tube ready for infusion. There is ample time during the infusion process to unload and reload the preroll from the support tube. If the workplace is laid out properly, this becomes a normal flowing process which will yield consistent product at a rate of up to 600 per hour depending on the process variables settings.

The process begins with your oil. Each oil (distillate, live resin, etc.) has an optimum temperature, and pump speed (revs per minute) that allow the oil to flow readily in the infusion process. Too high of viscosity (too thick) will hamper the infusion process by causing back-pressure which causes variation in the dispense amount and the way the dispensing occurs within the preroll. Too fast of a pump speed can cause cavitation or loss of steps which result in variation as well. The temperature and pump speed work together to give you the optimum oil flow for infusing. Too cold of oil can be compensated for by slowing the pump speed and/or reducing the output amount per stroke. It is imperative that you set the temperatures high enough to get the oil to flow easily and consistently. The motor-current of the Vessel Stirrer is monitored by the software and is used to make sure the oil viscosity is low enough to flow through the pump adequately. This is a settable variable that should be set for your specific oil characteristics.


  • Oils it can deliver: All Types, Distillate, CO2, CBD, CO2 Infused, etc.
  • Pre rolls it can infuse: All “Cone” Types of Pre rolls and Blunts.
  • Delivery Volume Range: Unlimited. Settable by Pump Head Angle Adjustment.
  • Ability to specify where the Infusion occurs.
  • IR Camera Process Control
  • Settable Current Limit on Stirrer to required Oil viscosity.
  • Time Settable Needle Heat Maintenance.
  • Throughput Potential: Up to 600 Pre rolls Infused per hour.
  • Vessel Volume 843 grams.
  • Filling Accuracy: +/- .005 grams.
  • Power Requirements: 110V AC 10A
  • Change-Over time between Lots: As little as 2 Minutes.
  • Change-Over time between Devices: As little as 5 Minutes.
  • Cleanout: Ethanol
  • Temperature Range of Vessel: Ambient to 100C
  • Pump Temperature Range: Ambient to 100C
  • Needle Heater Temperature 120C (Un-adjustable)
  • Shipping Weight 35 lbs.

Included with the CFS-1000:

  • 1 PRI-600 Infusion Machine
  • 1 Vessel Stirrer System
  • 1 Flir IR Camera System for IPhone
  • 1 Set of 14 Pre roll Support Tubes
  • 1 Pre roll Eject Tool
  • 1 Power Cord
  • 1 Port Seal Screwdriver
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • SAE Allen Wrenches
  • Priming Tube
  • 1 Digital Scale .001 Gr resolution.
  • 1 Cartridge Nest for Scale
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