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Pneumatic Exchanger Sambo -40 Pumps

Pneumatic Exchanger Sambo -40 Pumps

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Pneumatic Exchanger for Sambo Brand cold solvent pumps type PSF only. See picture for item reference  

The pneumatic exchanger plays a crucial role in ensuring continuous air exchange between two opposing chambers, maintaining a near 1:1 ratio between fluid and air volumes. It comprises a movable bushing connected to the shaft, regulating the opening and closing of air passages between chambers through the spool. Enclosed within a fixed cylindrical body, it facilitates loading and unloading from the central body. The FLUIMAC distributor enables the operation of double diaphragm pumps with compressed air ranging between 2 and 8 bar. Enhancing the diaphragm pump's performance involves optimizing circulation channels and minimizing friction:

  • Ensuring complete loading and simultaneous discharge of chambers prevents stall situations where membrane forces balance out.
  • High friction reduces smoothness between concentric parts, necessitating increased air pressure and consumption, causing the diaphragm pump to start at excessively high pressures.


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