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Pall Supradisk Lenticular Cartridge DEPTH FILTRATION MODULES

Pall Supradisk Lenticular Cartridge DEPTH FILTRATION MODULES

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The filtration effect of these sheet-based products is based on a combination of surface, depth, and adsorptive filtration. Selected combinations of cellulose, different types of filter aids, or other ingredients in the filter matrix result in a highly porous structure, which achieves effective filtration, including coarse to fine particle removal, colloidal removal, and final filtration.

Classic stacked disc modules represent first generation module design, but they have performance disadvantages.

SUPRAdisc II modules eliminate the disadvantages of classic stacked disc modules. They offer increased capacity, reliability, handling advantages, and robustness, which satisfies customer needs and requirements for a higher performing product.

Pall Supradisk AKS Carbon Filter Media

Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for decolorization and removal of other trace impurities. The use of bulk PAC has significant drawbacks relating to the handling of bulk carbon powder, cleaning of process equipment, and time (costs) associated with carbon removal from the process. Seitz AKS filter media alleviates these concerns by immobilizing activated carbon within a matrix of cellulosic fibers, which is coupled with a downstream filter paper that eliminates any possible particle shedding. Additionally, the adsorption efficiency of Seitz AKS filter media is greater than an equivalent amount of bulk PAC, further reducing overall process time and increasing product yield.


Depth filter modules make it possible to handle large filter areas in a simple manner. Filtration is carried out in an enclosed system. The installed depth filter sheets have a particle absorption capacity of up to 4 kg/m2. Within the filtration process itself, the particles are slowed down in the filter sheet and finally held back due to their size or electrokinetic forces. These effects allow using the filter for a longer time than surface filters. All utilized materials are FDA-approved. All offered filter sheets can be installed in the modules.


Filter sheets:

  • Kieselguhr, Perlite and Cellulose Fibers
  • Food Contact Compliant
  • Polypropylene housing
  • Silicone elastomer

Available Options:

  • DOR or DOE adapters.
  • AKS - Carbon Adsorption Module
  • SD II - Polishing Filtration (K-Sheet 1.5-3.5u)

 DOR (Double O Ring - Bayonet Style) versions available, commonly used in Ertol-Alsep Skids.

Other micron sizes available upon request.

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