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Hydro Frost Water Chillers

Hydro Frost Water Chillers

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Hydro Frost High-Efficiency Commercial Hydroponic Water Chiller ideal for 400 Gallon Applications

Engineered specifically for botanicals, Hydro Frost Solution Chillers provide precise temperature control. Utilizing commercial-grade components and solid-state electronics, Hydro Frost Solution Chillers offer best-in-class performance and are built to last for years of service. Available in a variety of sizes, Hydro Frost Solution Chillers integrate seamlessly into a wide range of applications. These durable units
provide a reliable solution for controlling solution temperatures, ensuring optimal performance.

High Efficiency
Designed to achieve the highest coefficient of performance (COP),
contributing to significant energy savings.

High-Performance Rotary Compressor
Extremely efficient and reliable. Internationally recognized and
exclusively used in all units.

Computer Intelligent
Microcomputer control system and LCD display. Auto restart and
temperature memory in the event of a power failure.

Decreased Noise Levels
High air volume and low noise design allow for quiet operation.

Premium Construction
Galvanized steel housing with a durable powder-coated finish.
Industry-leading components.

Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger
Ensures high performance with low energy consumption.
Anti-corrosive for saltwater and freshwater applications.

Intuitive and Accurate Settings
Easy to operate, with real-time water temperature control and accurate
temperature readings. Over current and overheat auto-protection system.

Minimal Maintenance
Designed for years of reliable use. Easily serviceable with
replacement components. 1-year warranty.

Chiller Specifications:

Model No. HF–1 HP HF–1 1/2 HP HF−2 HP HF−3 HP HF−5 HP
Unit Size 26 x 13 x 18 in. 31 x 15 x 20 in. 31 x 16 x 23 in. 31 x 16 x 27 in. 36 x 20 x 41 in.
Recommended Tank Size 200 gal. / 757 Lt. 300 gal. / 1135 Lt. 400 gal. / 1514 Lt. 600 gal. / 2271 Lt. 1000 gal. / 3785 Lt.
Cooing Capacity 2,600W 3,500W 5,200W 7,200W 17,400W
Rated Voltage 110-120v /60HZ 110-120v /60HZ 208-230v /60HZ 208-230v /60HZ 220v /60HZ/3Ph
Rated Power 1 HP (850w) 1 1/2 HP (1250w) 2 HP (1550w) 3 HP (2400w) 5 HP(3700w)
Current 8.5A - 9.5A 10.5A - 11.5A 7.5A - 8.2A 11.2A - 12.5A 17.5A - 18.3A/Ph
Refrigerant R410A R410A R410A R410A R410A
Water Flow >925 Gal./H / 3,500 Lt. >1189 Gal./H / 4,500 Lt. >1189 Gal./H / 4,500 Lt. >1320 Gal./H / 5,500 Lt. >1717 Gal./H / 6,500 Lt.
Outlet / Inlet Size 1¼” in. (32 mm) 1¼” in. (32 mm) 1¼” in. (32 mm) 2” in. (50 mm) 2” in. (50 mm)
Weight 77 lbs. (35kg) 99 lbs. (45kg) 121 lbs. (55kg) 132 lbs. (60kg) 275 lbs. (125kg)
Function Cooling Cooling Cooling Cooling Cooling
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