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Hephaestus V213 Vacuum Oven

Hephaestus V213 Vacuum Oven

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Introducing the Hephaestus V 213, a powerful vacuum oven designed to safely dry and purify thermosensitive, oxidative, or easily decomposable materials. Whether you're working with botanical flower, shatter, or isolates, this vacuum oven offers exceptional functionality. Its innovative design allows for the purge or venting of the oven with inert gas, effectively displacing any oxygen present and reducing oxidation to protect delicate compounds. With ETL and CE ratings and an overtemperature alarm, safety is prioritized throughout the entire drying process.

The Hephaestus V 213 boasts several features and benefits that enhance its performance. Its benchmark heat up time is 40% faster than comparable models, saving you valuable time. The oven's chamber is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel with a mirror-polished surface, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance. Equipped with a PID controller, overtemperature alarm, and timing function, you can achieve precise and reliable control over the drying process. The large dual-layered tempered glass door, complemented by LED lighting, provides both safety and a clear observation of your materials. The smart door adjustment system with a silicone door gasket ensures excellent vacuum performance. Additional features include an inert gas vent valve, LED lights, a KF25 Vacuum Port, and a Barbed Purge Port. With dimensions of 890 x 781 x 795 mm and a weight of 265 kg, the Hephaestus V 213 offers a spacious chamber size of 216L (600x600x600 mm) and operates on a power specification of 120V 60Hz 1ph – 1550W. Its temperature range extends from ambient + 10°C to 200°C, allowing for versatile applications.


The Hephaestus vacuum oven is designed for drying and vacuum purging materials which are thermosensitive, oxidative or easily decomposable. This includes botanical flower just as much as shatter or isolates. To further reduce oxidation you can purge or vent the oven with inert gas to displace any oxygen present.


  • ETL and CE rated
  • Overtemperature Alarm

Features & Benefits:

  • Benchmark heat up time – 40% faster
  • 304 stainless steel with mirror polished surface for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • A PID controller with over temperature alarm and timing function ensures precise and reliable control
  • Large dual layered tempered glass door with LED lighting providing safety and good observation of your drying process
  • Smart door adjustment system with silicone door gasket for good vacuum performance
  • Inert gas vent valve
  • LED lights
  • KF25 Vacuum Port and Barbed Purge Port

Technical Details

  Hephaestus V 213
HGS SKU Number 10310002
Power Specification 120V 60Hz 1ph – 1550W
Chamber Size W×D×H (mm) 216L (600x600x600)
Temperature Range ambient + 10°C to 200°C
Shelves 3
Key Technical Specs  
Dimensions (mm) 890 x 781 x 795
General Weight 265 kg
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