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Hephaestus 124 Convection Oven

Hephaestus 124 Convection Oven

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Introducing the Hephaestus 124 Convection Oven, a versatile and reliable solution for drying, melting, and purging a wide range of thermosensitive, oxidative, and easily decomposable materials. This innovative oven is ideal for various applications, including botanical flower, shatter, and isolates. With the option to purge or vent the oven using inert gas, the Hephaestus 124 minimizes oxidation to safeguard delicate compounds.

Safety is a top priority with the Hephaestus 124, as it is ETL and CE rated and equipped with over-temperature protection and an alarm system. The touch screen controller offers ease of use and features a process recording function with a USB interface for convenient data transfer. The oven's adjustable shelf height provides flexibility in accommodating different load sizes, while the overtemperature alarm ensures samples are protected with both sound and light alerts. Additionally, the Hephaestus 124 boasts highly efficient insulation, effectively limiting external touch point temperatures.


The Hephaestus convection oven is designed for drying, melting, and purging materials which are thermosensitive, oxidative or easily decomposable. This includes botanical flower just as much as shatter or isolates. To further reduce oxidation you can purge or vent the oven with inert gas to displace any oxygen.


  • ETL and CE rated
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Over-temperature alarm

Features & Benefits:

  • Touch Screen controller with process recording function and USB interface
  • Adjustable shelf height for load flexibility
  • Over-temperature alarm with sound and light alert operators to protect samples

Highly efficient insulation to limit external touch point temperatures


Technical details

  Hephaestus 124
HGS SKU Number 10305001
Power Specification 120V 60Hz 1ph – 1950W
Capacity (L) 124 L
Temp range ambient +10 °C to 200 °C
Display Resolution 0.1 °C
Uniformity at 100 °C ±2.5 °C
Heat Up Time to 100 °C 25 min
Standard Number of Shelves 2 (maximum 10)
Max Load per Shelf 20 kg
Net Weight 74 kg
Timer Range 1 to 5,999 min
Internal Dimension W×D×H (mm) 520 × 450 × 495
External Dimension W×D×H (mm) 810 x 625 x 750
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