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Gummy & Candy Universal Demolder

Gummy & Candy Universal Demolder

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Designed to remove a full sheet of candies from molds in one “pop”. De-mold your trays in second! Ideal for Hard Candies, Gummies, Caramels, Chocolate and Fruit Jelly! The mold “Popper” includes one standard mold frame to match the mold you are using.

Please note that the mold is not included. 

Custom mold plates are available.

Dimensions:  19.75” w x 19.25” L x 8.25” H

Easy to use, just one pull to pop out a full mold sheet of candies. Works best if the candies are cooled off and hardened!

  • Select the mold frame that matches the mold you are using.
  • Place the mold frame on to the de-molder.
  • Add your filled mold on top of frame.
  • Pull lever.
  • DONE! All your candies are de-molded.

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