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Gummy Candy Universal 12L Depositor XL

Gummy Candy Universal 12L Depositor XL

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This XL Universal Candy Depositor comes with the extra large hopper with heated panels for gummies and hard candies is designed to work with all the Truffly Made silicone molds and most polycarbonate molds up to 11.5 inches wide, it delivers accurately metered fillings with great flexibility. Stainless steel construction with adjustable depositing nozzles that can be easily positioned to each mold layout.

Tabletop XL Confectionery Depositor

XL Universal Candy Depositor For Gummies, Caramel, Hard Candy. The XL Candy Depositor For Gummies, Caramel, Hard Candy is designed to remove the burden of filling multiple cavity candy molds while increasing the accuracy and uniformity of filling each mold. It works with both low heat confectionery ingredients such as chocolate and ganache, as well as high heat candy ingredients such as caramel, gummies and hard candy.

  • This Confectionery Depositor has a extra large 12 liter/3.2 gal hopper with heated panels
  • Easily adjustable shot size control.
  • Six or Eight nozzles have adjustable centerlines to accommodate various mold configurations.
  • The Universal Depositor works with molds up to 11.5 inches wide.
  • Nozzles are removable to accommodate molds with less cavities.
  • Heated panels help chocolate, caramel or gummy products maintain temperature to flow properly.
  • Digital, variable temperature control
  • Additional pistons and nozzles available
  • 40mm L nozzles
  • Compact, space saving design
  • CE certified
  • Made in Germany.

The Universal Candy Depositor ships with:

  • 6 or 8 piston assemblies
  • Complete Heating System
  • 40mm L nozzles
  • stainless steel XL hopper with cover
  • stainless steel balls
  • aluminum pallet carrier
  • spare o-rings service pack


  • Width:  15.75”
  • Length:  20.5”
  • Height:  22.5”
  • Weight:  49 lbs
  • Dosage : 1.5 to 8 ml / 0.05 to 0.27 fl oz per pull
  • Capacity: 3.2 gal / 12 liter
  • Power Input : 100-240V AC  /  50-60Hz
  • Power Output : 24V DC / max.600W
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Maximum Heat : 320°F / 160°C
  • Guarantee:  12 Months from date of purchase.

The complete XL Universal Depositor can be disassembled without tools for cleaning.

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