Dryer Filter Press 5 Cu Ft

Dryer Filter Press 5 Cu Ft

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Combo filter press for drying and filtering biomass, 5 cubic feet. 

This unit is recommended for up to 50 pounds of biomass.  Other sizes available.

Feed this unit directly from your solvent based extraction vessel thus filtering out the biomass from the solvent all in one step.  The end result is a filtered solvent ready for post processing.  Your biomass will be dry and easily disposable. 

This unit does the job of a centrifugal dryer and a filter, all in one machine and in a single step.  This allows you to keep your extraction, filtration and drying all in one closed loop system.

This unit is safe to operate with any solvent including ethanol, methanol, isopropanol, etc...

You must have a properly agitated extraction vessel, extracting using a solvent.  Your biomass must be debucked to remove fiber and make pumping easier.  Your biomass must be ground, making extraction more efficient and pumping easier.

The machine operates with an air powered pump that sucks your biomass slurry directly from your extraction vessel into the filter press.  The press separates your biomass from the solvent and filters solvent so you can proceed to dewaxing if necessary, or other post processing like carbon or clay scrubbing and eventual solvent recovery. 

When you have recovered all biomass from your extraction vessel, pumping is stopped and a series of bladders squeeze the biomass to remove any excess solvent.  All solvent that leaves the press is simultaneously filtered.  The end result is a biomass brick that has little moisture.  The press is opened, the biomass cake falls into a dumpster and is ready to be discarded or composted.

There is no use of filter bags from your reactor, your solution is pumped directly into the press.

Filter Press is FDA compliant with special “thread less steel manifold” and vegetable oil hydraulics and cylinder.

This machine is not made for a CO2 or other gas extraction method, only for solvents such as ethanol.  You must have enough solvent to create a slurry that can be pumped as we cannot pump mostly solids.

***There is no faster or more convenient way to filter your solution than a filter press.***

Basic Pricing as follows:

A) Base Press $50,687*
B) Add Automatic Pump Controls $5,880
C) Add Dumpster $2,760
D) Add Disposal Chute $3,120
*Various pump materials are available. 

Filter Presses, and for that matter all waste treatment equipment, does not get ASME certified, so there is no filter press that can get ASME certified.  We follow all guidelines with the piping, hydraulics, plates, etc... but the unit itself cannot be actually certified.  For example we have filter presses in many bottling, brewery, and liquor applications where all equipment must be FDA certified.  Each component on the filter press follows FDA guidelines, but the filter press itself cannot be FDA certified despite all components following the guidelines.

This machine is the critical step missing in your MIPs lab between your initial extraction and your Rotory Evaporator (ROTOVAP).  No more filtering by hand.

Order includes a recessed plate filter press which you can customize the number of filter plates and thus the filtration capacity of the unit. Unit can hold up to five cubic feet (larger units available).  This means you can hold about 150-200 pounds of filter cake.

Our press is designed with an air bleed system so you can clear out all your solution from the press and filtration media so in the end there is no waste from soaked clay or carbon or lots of solution in your pipes and filter press.

This easy to use unit will filter out particles from your solution, such as dirt, leaves, soil, carbon, clay, etc...

After initial filtration, you can use this same unit to de-wax your cold solution.  We use plastics for our plates so there is less thermal transfer making this a perfect dewaxing machine.

Further clarification and decontamination is achieved by using a silica based medium to produce a solution that is as clear as possible which has been scrubbed of dirt and debris, mold and bacteria, most color from chlorophyll and other contaminants, heavy metals from fertilizers, and some chemicals from pesticides.

It includes everything needed to get you going (you must supply compressed air and electricity), including consumables, operating instructions and support.

All valves and plumbing are included.

The unit can be mounted on casters for added mobility.

Unit includes a diaphragm pump with Teflon diaphragms that are inert to your solution and tough enough to last for months of service.  The diaphragms will work hot or cold, and can take large particles without getting clogged or damaged.  Diaphragm pumps are easy to use and easy to regulate the speed they operate at, are easy to clean and disassemble, and are easy to repair with easy to source replacement parts.  These pumps are powered by air, thus eliminating the risk of an explosion caused by sparks in an electric motor.  This unit uses one simple pump to power the filter press, send solution to heating, centrifuge, and recirculate your tincture as it agitates in the tank while additives work their magic.  Our pump does not have to be primed, so it can suck the solution as well as pump it at high pressures.  The pump with proper hoses, can suck up your solution from another tank and pump it to our reaction vessel, it can also pump the finished solution to your next process or you can connect your Rotovap directly to the reaction vessel.

The additives and consumables we offer are high quality and inexpensive, including carbon and clay.

Benefits of this system:

  • Labor savings.
  • Solvent savings.
  • Time savings.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Quick and easy to clean.
  • We stock all consumables at reasonable prices.
  • Multi function unit.
  • Fast filtering.
  • Made in the USA
  • Can Filter, de-wax, bleach, deodorize, and clarify.

This unit will save you money the day you set it up.  Every process is easy to set up and you can walk away and leave the process unsupervised (which we don't recommend).  Labor savings alone pay for this machine.  Because the unit is closed loop, you will not loose much solvent during filtration; costs of lost solvent pile up quickly. 

No expensive vacuum pump required.  No lab glassware to break.

Our equipment is manufactured in USA by skilled craftsmen using American made components.

Diaphragm Pump Operating Temperatures:
Your pump can be customized to operate on the temperature based on your application.  Below are the diaphragm materials and their recommended operating temperatures.

Buna-N (Nitrile): 10°F to 180°F (-12C to 82C)
Geolast®: 10°F to 180°F (-12C to 82C)
EPDM: -40°F to 280°F (-40C to 138C)
Santoprene®: -40°F to 225°F (-40C to 107C)
Viton® (FKM): -40°F to 350°F (-40C to 177C)
PTFE: 40°F to 220°F (4C to 104C)
Polyethylene: 32°F to 158°F (0C to 70C)
Polypropylene: 32°F to 180°F (0C to 82C)
PVDF: 0°F to 250°F (-18C to 181C) 
Nylon: 0°F to 200°F (-18C to 93C)

Temperature limits are solely based upon mechanical stress and certain chemicals will reduce the maximum operating temperature. Consult a chemical resistance guide for chemical compatibility and a more precise safe temperature limit. Always use minimum air pressure when pumping at elevated temperatures.

Manufacturing times vary.  Shipping will be invoiced separately.