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CRM 21.01 Diamond Mining System

CRM 21.01 Diamond Mining System

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Introducing the CrownMiner – the world's first Smart Diamond Miner specifically designed for the botanical processing industry. This innovative system is designed to make your botanical processing more efficient, compliant, and productive. It reduces processing time while producing high-quality crystals that are pure and safe to use. Make diamond crystals from Hydrocarbon (BHO/PHO) or Solventless (IWE/CWE) extraction techniques.

The CrownMiner is built to comply with all current safety standards, and its modular construction makes it easy to reconfigure to match future regulations as the industry evolves and processors expand. It boasts 100% traceable stainless-steel construction, and ASME-approved jacketed tanks, and can operate up to 8 vessels with one license.

The device manager monitoring and control software of the CrownMiner allows the user to create growth recipes tailored to the different cultivars being processed. The device manager can be configured for fully automatic operation or full user interaction mode. The user interaction mode allows the operator to gain experience in what pressure, temperature, and time parameters are best before saving them into a growth recipe.

The CrownMiner's data logging function allows all measured parameters to be saved in the computer's memory for future analysis of the crystal growth process. With a three-day data logging backup feature, it ensures the safety and security of your data even in the event of a PC shutdown.

The CrownMiner is not only a product that produces high-quality botanical crystals safely and efficiently in the shortest time period, but it is also an investment in the future of your business. It is designed to grow with your business as the industry evolves and processors expand. Power Banks and additional accessories can be provided for all levels of power cuts or additional compliance required.

Experience the future of botanical processing today with CrownMiner. Order now and get the added bonuses of industry-standard compliance and self-generated data. Be part of the future of botanical processing today.

Software Features

  • Multi-parameter trend screen with lines for multi-day presentation
  • Windows-based
  • Operate up to 8 vessels with one license
  • User settable parameters: Discharge, Temperature, Pressure, and Water Bath
  • Data logging to neutral .xls files and Roll Reporting for end-of-process consolidation

Miner Features

  • Continuous monitoring and automatic adjustment of tank pressure and temperature
  • ASME-approved Jacketed Tanks
  • Dual windows for viewability of crystal growth
  • Quick disconnect of the vessel for liquor input and removal of crystals
  • Manual and Automatic PRV valves

Price Shown as per specs below. Many other configurations are available.

  • Smart Vessel Dual Controller Enclosure
  • Device Manager Software and License
  • Device Manager Support (1 Year)
  • (2) Hazardous Area Crown - C1D1 ATEX and FM Compliant
  • (2) 6" x 8" Jacketed Vessel
  • (2) PolyScience 6 Liter Stainless Steel Open Bath System
  • Smart Vessel Stainless Steel Dual Vessel Stand with Castor Wheels
  • Laptop or Desktop with Monitor - IBM Thinkpad/Thinkstation
  • Nitrogen Back Gassing Regulator Kit


  • 71cm x 60cm x 41cm (L x H x D)
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