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Centrifuga Botanica - 4X 750 ML

Centrifuga Botanica - 4X 750 ML

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Our high-capacity centrifuge eliminates bottlenecks in your formulations. Whether you want to separate diamonds from sauce or make vape carts in a day instead of a week, our centrifuge can keep up with the largest operations. This high-performance laboratory centrifuge boasts an impressive capacity of up to 4 x 1,000 ml baskets using a swing-out rotor. The refrigeration system, known for its fast and precise adjustability, maintains a temperature range of –20°C to +40°C. Additionally, the centrifuge incorporates the Rapid Temp quick cooling function, allowing pre-cooling of the centrifuge chamber and accessories to a defined temperature. Applications for this centrifuge extend across industrial labs, hospitals, veterinary clinics, food labs, universities, colleges, pharmaceutical labs, and cell culture labs. It operates at a maximum speed of 6,000 rpm, delivering a maximum relative centrifugal force (RCF) of 6,080×g. The temperature control range spans from -20˚C to +40˚C. Compatible rotors encompass both fixed-angle and swing-out variants.


• Constructed with high-quality steel and a blast-proof steel chamber, the 304# stainless steel chamber is autoclave-able and resistant to detergents and disinfection liquids.

• Microprocessor control and a flexible shaft drive system ensure smooth operation with minimal vibration and noise.

• A touch-color large screen display facilitates the frequency conversion motor drive and microcomputer control.

• An observation window on the lid allows for speed calibration and noise measurement.

• A 7-inch touchscreen displays critical parameters such as Speed, Timer, RCF, Rotors, Program (Memory), Acceleration and deceleration information, and Error code information

.• The large capacity rotor body includes a windshield, reducing rotor resistance and prolonging motor service life.

• Device certifications include CE, ISO13485, ISO9001, and SFDA.

Swing Rotor 4 x 750 ML


• Manufactured in compliance with IEC 61010.

• Incorporates safety electrical lid interlock to prevent lid opening during rotor operation and machine activation when the lid is open, displaying error codes for prompt resolution.

• Features an emergency lid-lock release mechanism in the event of a power failure, ensuring safety and user convenience.

• Equipped with a gas hinge for lid drop protection and additional safety mechanisms for overspeed, overheating (motor, chamber), and imbalance to ensure user safety.


• Incorporates a CFC-free compressor with a pre-cooling function and double-cycle refrigeration, enabling precise temperature control ranging from -20°C to 40°C, monitored by a temperature sensor inside the chamber.

 Programmable and storable, accommodating up to 30 programs with easy user access and parameter retention even after centrifugation has ceased

• Offers 10-speed acceleration and deceleration curves to optimize centrifugation and avoid secondary sedimentation.

• Automatic lid-locking and holding during rotor operation enhance safety and convenience

• The system supports easily exchangeable rotors, featuring a special rotor connector for effortless loading and unloading.


 Model BKC-VL6R
Max. capacity 4x750 ml
Max. speed 6500 rpm
Max. RFC 4800xg
Speed precision ±50rpm
Noise ≤60dB
Selectable procedures 20
Rotor 4x750ml, 4x500ml
Refrigeration system CFC-free (404a)
Temp. range -20°C ~+40°C
Temp. precision ±1°C
Power supply


Time range 1 min -99h59min
Consumption 2.0KW
Size L*W*H mm 710*560*770
Weight 160 kg
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