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Aquilon Cold Trap

Aquilon Cold Trap

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Introducing the Aquilon Cold Trap, a highly efficient device designed to condense vapor into liquid or solid form while safeguarding vacuum pumps from contamination and corrosion. This UL, ETL, and CE rated product is equipped with advanced safety features such as a delayed compressor start, temperature deviation alarm, and over-current protection. With its cryo pumping effect, the Aquilon Cold Trap enhances process performance and significantly reduces pump maintenance, minimizing the overall cost of ownership. Additionally, it prevents product hydrocarbon contamination, particularly when oil-sealed pumps are used. The refrigeration system operates quietly yet powerfully, and the internal glass trap with a drain valve allows for easy monitoring of the filling level and hassle-free waste disposal. With its remarkable capabilities and technical specifications, the Aquilon Cold Trap is a reliable and efficient solution for various industrial applications.


The Aquilon cold trap is a device that condenses vapor into a liquid or solid (ice). The main purpose is to prevent vapors from entering the vacuum pump, where they would condense, contaminate vacuum pump oils and can cause corrosion. Whilst doing this task the cold trap further prevents vacuum pump oil from streaming back into the vacuum chamber thus preventing potential product hydrocarbon contamination. Cold traps also act as cryo vacuum pumps thus dramatically shortening process times.


  • UL, ETL and CE rated
  • Delayed compressor start
  • Temperature deviation alarm
  • Over-current protection

Features & Benefits:

  • Boost process performance thanks to cryo pumping effect
  • Reduce pump maintenance and cost of ownership through active pump protection
  • Prevent product hydrocarbon contamination (if oil sealed pumps are used)
  • Quiet yet powerful refrigeration system
  • Internal glass trap with drain valve for easy filling level checks and waste disposal

Technical details

  Aquilon Trap
HGS SKU Number 10304001
Power Specification 120V 60Hz 1ph – 850W
Collection Vessel glass
Collection Vessel Volume 2 l
Lowest Temp -40 °C
Refrigerating Capacity Air Cooling 400W R404A
Cover Interface Material Import PC
Tank Interior Dimension(mm)
PC Capping Diameter φ139mm 1 hole
Condenser Diameter φ10mm(Match the Diaphragm Pump)
External Dimension W×D×H(mm) 315×500×570
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