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Aeolus Touch-screen Vacuum Controller

Aeolus Touch-screen Vacuum Controller

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Introducing the Aeolus Touch-Screen Vacuum Controller, the perfect solution for effortless and precise process pressure control. Designed to streamline your operations, this advanced controller minimizes manual intervention, making tasks like ethanol evaporation and short path distillations a breeze. Equipped with a large 5" TFT touch screen, the Aeolus offers an intuitive user interface for easy monitoring and adjustment.

With a wide measurement and control range of 1 – 1,000 mbar, the Aeolus provides exceptional flexibility. You can choose between single-point control or programmed ramp control, allowing you to customize your processes according to your specific requirements. The controller conveniently stores up to 5 programs, each capable of containing up to 5 segments, further enhancing its versatility.


The Aeolus touch-screen vacuum controller displays and controls the process pressure in your system to automatically perform your process via two-point vacuum control. This dramatically reduces labor required to run processes such as ethanol evaporation or short past distillations. The controller is able to run a single point control or you can perform a multiple step process as often facilitated in short path distillations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Large 5” TFT touch screen
  • Wide measurement and control range of 1 – 1,000 mbar
  • Two control modes – single-point control plus programmed ramp control  
  • Capable of storing up to 5 programs, each containing up to 5 segments
  • All parts in contact with product or solvent are made of PTFE, ceramics or other high-performance materials
  • Built-in vent valve for inert gas vent
  • One-stroke decompression allows easy installation and dismantling of the vacuum system
  • Save energy by shutting down the vacuum pump in line with process control

Technical Details

HGS SKU Number 10209001
Power Specification 120V 50/60Hz 1ph – 600W
Max power output 500W
Vacuum Setting Range 1-1000 mbar
Vacuum Measurement Range 1-1000 mbar
Control Operation Mode Single-Point Control Mode, Ramp Control Mode
Ramp Control Mode Can store up to 5 programs, each containing up to 5-steps to control pressure and time
Display 5” TFT Touch Screen
Sensor Overload Pressure 1,500 mbar
Vacuum Connector 8 mm
Product Exposed Materials PTFE, PP, Silicone and Ceramics
Dimension[D×W×H] 189 × 207 × 193 mm
Weight 4 kg
Operating Environment 10℃ ~ 40℃,80% RH
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