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Activated Carbon CRC

Activated Carbon CRC

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Activated carbon for bleaching and deodorizing of oleo-resin tinctures to produce high quality concentrates.

Activated Carbon is used everywhere in industry to remove smells from the air and contaminants from liquids and has thousands of applications.  Carbon is dependent on what it is made from (wood, coconut, etc...), how it is made active (fire, chemicals), and what size it is ground to, among other factors.


  • Made from Sub-Bituminous Coal
  • Size: 150 microns or smaller
  • Non-Food Grade
  • Activated Carbon
  • Iodine Number 900 mg/g
  • Net Weight:
    • 1 Gal: 1,000 Grs.
    • 2 Gal: 2,000 Grs.
    • 5 Gal: 6,000 Grs.

All filter media including this product will tend to capture some of the molecules you are looking for however little, this is just a fact, unfortunately.  Cold solutions will capture more of those molecules while hot solutions especially those suspended in ethanol will strip those molecules.  At hot temperatures, heavy metals and pesticides absorbed will strip, negating the benefits of the carbon. Chlorophyll will generally be difficult to strip at any temperature.  We recommend room temperature agitation to perform adsorption, a good balance to remove odors, color, and contaminants. 

We sell this product in various sizes by volume, with price breaks the more you buy.  This product is intended for single-use and is meant to be discarded after each use.  This product will react with your tincture and actual results will depend on the quality of the starting material.  The key to a clear oil is good starting material, but as important is proper equipment and operating procedures and know-how.

Depending on the quality of your crude, the typical dosage is 1-3% by volume.  To be used on solvent/crude mixture, not pure crude.  Always use as little as possible and we recommend you do lab tests to determine the correct amount to use.  Recommended agitation time and temperature also are debatable but generally, 10-30 mins agitation is ideal at room temperature.  We do not recommend using carbon on a warm solvent as carbon tends to strip with warm ethanol. 

Pictures are of a control sample followed by the application of our carbon on a cold solution at 3% concentration w/w for 30 minutes.  This carbon can be used hot or cold and your residence time and concentration must be adjusted so your results will vary.

Oils must be winterized prior to carbon adsorption.

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