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ACFS-4000T Auto Filling Machine

ACFS-4000T Auto Filling Machine

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The ACFS-4000T is the most productive Cartridge Filling Machine on the market today. It will fill up to 3600 1.0 gr and up to 4200 .5 gr cartridges per hour. It is based around the CCell and Bold injection-molded tray concept where the cartridges are accurately positioned so the XY motion system can quickly place a needle in each cartridge and fill the cartridge using the Credence Pump, which is the most precise and fastest delivery system available.

The ACFS-4000T has full temperature control through the oil path. The Vessel, the Pump, The Flexible Line to the Needle and the Needle are all independently temperature controlled for the toughest oils.

The XY Motion is a proven design and will give long service with minimal maintenance and downtime. Instead of moving the bulky tray of carts to each position like most array fillers, The ACFS-4000T moves the needle assembly, which is a much lighter load. This keeps the motion load consistent, whereas other array fillers move the Cartridge array, which continually increases in mass as the carts are filled. Another innovation of the ACFS-4000T that affects its speed is the Needle Z motion where the needle will move down and up in 1/3 of a second total. The needle motion is ½ of the total cycle time so it must be fast if the machine cycle time will achieve a 1 second cycle time. It is designed around a fast-acting DC Gearmotor Cam Drive to insure consistent needle entry into the cartridge while clearing the cartridge quickly so the XY motion system can move the needle to the next position.

The tray of cartridges loads onto a stepper motor driven Elevator that will set the top of the cartridges at the optimum height for filling. A simple menu selection will change the cart volume from .5 gr to 1.0 gr which correlates to the height of the elevator for filling.

Another key innovation is the Patent-Pending Credence Cart-Top Alignment tray. It holds the tops of all of the cartridges in the exact location and shields the outer rim of the cart so the needle is guided into the cart automatically.

We have incorporated some software-hardware innovations to prevent inadvertent loss of oil should a couple of conditions happen: 1) if the cartridge center tube is eccentric to the outer rim and the needle hits the center tube instead of going into the cart, the software senses the mishap and stops the pump from dispensing for that cart. The system just skips that cart and goes onto the next one without losing any production time. The position of the cart within the array is displayed on the User Interface Screen so the operator can remove that cart prior to capping. 2) We incorporated timing belt failure mechanism/sensors in the unlikely event that a belt breaks or comes loose allowing the needle position to be compromised. Should this happen, the idler tension pulley swings under a sensor that alerts the controller that a belt has failed. The controller, in turn, automatically stops the cycle before any oil is lost. An alert will be displayed on the screen telling the operator that maintenance is required.

The ACFS-4000T is the most sophisticated Cartridge Filling System on the Market and will give your many years of productive Cartridge Filling. Credence also continually improves its products and will offer and new innovations to ACFS-4000T owners as they are proven.


  • Array Filling up to 100 carts in less than 2 minutes
  • Uses BOLD and CCell injection molded tray
  • Simple Setup
  • Door interlock
  • PLC Controller
  • Fills 100 array non-stop
  • Requires heavy duty base/table
  • Filling Accuracy: +/- 1%.
  • 110 VAC 10 Amps
  • Shipping Weight 55 lbs.
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