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4 Stage Lenticular Filter Skid

4 Stage Lenticular Filter Skid

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Pump w/Damper
Clampsense & Gylon Gaskets

4-stage filtration system for fast filtration of oleo-resin tinctures. Modular solution for solvent streams post centrifugal separator used to wash botanical biomass. Protect your chillers and downstream process with our industry-leading system.

What it does well:

  • Removes biomass from centrifuge streams and can recirculate this stream to return to a chiller. Prefilters biomass out of the stream to save lenticular life and reduce operating costs.
  • Removes Lipids, Fats, and Waxes.
  • Clarifies miscella stream.
  • Carbon Scrubs removing heavy metals, colors, etc..
  • Fine particle removal down to 0.2 microns for mold and bacterial sterilization.


  • GMP Ready with optional Documentation.
  • Ready to work out of the box.
  • Low investment cost with a large filter area.
  • Biomass removal re-circulation feature.
  • Hot Swappable bag filters
  • Upgradeable to increase filtration capacity.
  • Process up to 1,000 Gallons before cartridge replacement.
  • Industry-standard bags, modules, and cartridges easy to source.
  • The only system with Spectrometer & Digital Cartridge Life Monitor.
  • Simple and fast exchange of the lenticular modules.
  • Small footprint.


  • FDA and EU cGMP Compliant
  • 316L Stainless Steel construction
  • Italian-Made AODD FDA Sanitary Pump
  • First Stage Filter: Duplex #2 Bag Housing
  • Second Stage: 12" Lenticular Stack
  • Third Stage: 12" Lenticular Stack Carbon infused
  • Fourth Stage: 3 X 30" Filter Cartridge
  • Complete with valves, drains, and all sanitary fittings
  • Stainless Steel drip pan with drains.
  • 1-15 GPM Filtration rate (5 GPM Avg.)
  • -40C (-40F) Min Temperature
  • Operating cost of 0.03-0.04 cents per gram of crude.

Optional Features:

This is a complete filter skid for the filtration of crude & solvent tincture. This machine is perfect for filtration after a centrifugal separator or filter press. Pairs great with all liquid solvent-based extracts. Not recommended for CO2 based oils or those heavy in fats.

The first stage bag filter removes biomass down to 10 microns, which saves the life of your lenticular filters. The second stage lenticular filter polishes the solution further. In the third stage lenticular filter carbon scrubs the solution to remove contaminants such as heavy metals, carotenoids, chlorophyll, etc... The fourth stage removes carbon particles or anything else that may have made it past the lenticular.

Our skids feature optional SC Filtration AODD pumps, manufactured in Italy. Our pumps are easy to use and maintain, high quality, C1D1 compliant, and FDA Sanitary with Tri-Clamp fittings.

18 CFM of compressed air is required to operate this equipment. If you don't have one you can purchase one here.

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