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FS-Curtis RNHI High Temp Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer

FS-Curtis RNHI High Temp Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer

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The perfect choice for reciprocating compressors, RNH dryers eliminate the need for a standalone separator and aftercooler.

For compressors with a high discharge temperature, such as reciprocating models without aftercooler, RHN dryers are ideal. They provide a single air treatment system that replaces four separate components — the aftercooler, separator, dryer and filter. You get everything you need in one unit.

The automatic refrigeration temperature control system ensures stable performance for clean, dry, consistent-quality compressed air so that your equipment can operate at peak efficiency. The fan switch helps save energy at low loads, and the cleanable cabinet air filter cuts maintenance costs.


Air Dryer

  • Air Dryer CFM: Varies
  • Max Inlet Temp. Rating: 180
  • Max Ambient Temp. Rating: 180
  • Non-Cycling: Yes
  • Inlet Fittings: Varies
  • Outlet Fittings: Varies
  • Aftercooler: Yes
  • Pre-Filter: No
  • Post-Filter: No
  • Wall Mountable: No
  • Alarm Lights: No
  • Auto Drain: No
  • Regenerative: No
  • High Temp: No


  • Weight: Varies
  • Consumer Warranty: 2 Years
  • Commercial Warranty: 2 Years
  • Product Length: Varies
  • Product Width: Varies
  • Product Height: Varies


  • Designed For Compressors With High Discharge Temperatures
  • Perfect for reciprocating compressors without aftercoolers
  • Replaces Aftercooler, Separator, Dryer, & Filter
  • Everything you need is in one unit
  • Automatic Refrigeration Temperature Control System
  • Produces clean, dry, consistent quality compressed air
  • Lets your equipment operate at peak efficiency
  • ISO 8573.1 Class 6 Dew Point
  • Handles air up to 180° F
  • Stainless Steel Brazed-Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Optimizes thermal efficiency
  • Saves money by reducing pressure drop
  • Integrated 3 Micron Separator
  • Removes solid contaminants & 60% of aerosols
  • Fan Switch Saves Energy
  • Allows operation in low ambient temperatures (35°F)
  • Cleanable Cabinet Air Filter & CFC-Free Refrigerant
  • Easy to maintain & environmentally friendly
RNHI With Filtration Packages Purchase a dryer with Filtration Package and the annual purchase of a maintenance kit and receive 3 years additional protection, parts, and labor, a total of 5 years. All major components are covered.
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