We have decades of combined experience in the botanical extraction industry. Our team of experts will show you how to build, set up, open, operate, and scale a successful business.


Daily Operations

Daily Operation 

  Profitability is built on the foundation of efficiency. We make certain that your business reaches its full potential.



Extraction Process

Find the best extraction solutions for your lab, whether you're starting from scratch  or looking to improve on your current method.




We can also assist you in mastering the traditional methods for winterization and color enhancement. Ultra-fast filtration, capable of reaching 100s of gallons per hour, is easily accomplished at a cheaper cost than competitors.



Equipment Selection Or Custom Manufacturing

We can recommend the best value equipment for any application based on our hands-on knowledge with the most popular brands and our own.



Integrated Process Development

We are comitted to making sure our units are paired perfectly with all other units in an integrated setup. We can take labs from the beginning stages to fully functioning at any size of production.





Learn how to conduct in-house tests for pesticide, potency,   terpene, heavy metal, and more.  



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