Membrane Nano Filtration Systems


Meet our Depuratore Botanico, a basic Nano-Filtration membrane system for non-thermal solvent recovery, winterization, and terpene isolation. Eliminate the need for a falling film evaporator or other similar equipment, as well as chillers and freezers for cryo extraction and winterization. Our systems are sized for any facility scale so you can run your extraction process without bottlenecks. Reduce your operating costs with our efficient solvent recovery systems.

Duplex model allows both winterization/remediation and solvent recovery in one machine.


  • Non-Thermal Solvent Recovery
  • Winterization:
    • Remove Lipids & Waxes
    • Remove Gums and Phospholipids
    • Remove Water Soluble compounds
    • Remove Sugars
  • Color Remediation
  • Terpene Isolation
  • Sugar Removal


  • 1 Cents (USD) or less per Gallon of clean solvent processed.
  • Up to 120 Gallons Per Hour permeation in ethanol.
  • Compatible with all 2540 membranes.
  • Low Membrane replacement costs. Long membrane life.
  • Pressures up to 1000 psi and cross-flow up to 9 GPM.
  • Can operate 1 and 4 membranes.
  • All stainless and Viton construction.
  • UL listed components.
  • C1D1


  • Power: 15A/480v/3pH or 47A/230V/1pH
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 1590mm x 860mm x 1580mm
  • Weight: 1,000 Lbs.