"Green" Filtration Via OSN Membrane - SC Filtration

"Green" Filtration Via OSN Membrane

I'm excited about the coolest new development in the extraction industry; Organic Solvent Nano Filtration using Membrane Filtration. As I learn more, it dawned on my that this is by far the greenest contribution to concentrates in a minute.

OSN is so exciting because it eliminates the need to perform winterization or solvent recovery using differences in temperature. Instead, these processes are done more or less at ambient temperature. Most of the focus is on how much money this technology saves you, but overlooks the fact that the savings come from energy savings. That energy savings is hundreds of thousands of kilowatt hours of electricity that translates to tons and tons of potential CO2 that was not produced and introduced into our atmosphere.

OSN can efficiently recover solvent from a miscella stream (botanical crude dissolved in a solvent) at ambient temperature, thus eliminating the need to heat your solution. This process is done quickly and efficiently.

OSN can also isolate terpenes from miscella, a quality byproduct possible due to the non-thermal processing capability of the technology. Delicate terpenes can be isolated gently, producing high quality terpenes.

As per winterization, things get interesting. Not only can you winterize at ambient temperature with OSN, but the process is immediate. There is a drastic energy savings when avoiding chillers, but a significant time savings as well. All this translates to significant energy savings and thus potential CO2 byproducts from energy conservation.

Winterization membranes also perform 3 other game changing applications. They remove lots of chlorophyll and carrotenoids, most of the water solubles and sugars, and they remove gums.

The aforementioned makes downstream remediation a breeze and opens up room temperature extraction. Contaminants from room-temp can now easily be removed while benefiting from higher extraction yields. A small dose of carbon can be used to remove the remaining chlorophyll. Carbon will perform better in the absence of fats and gums.

Lets recap all areas where we save energy:

  • Room temperature extraction vs. -40F
  • Room temperature winterization vs. -86C over hours or days
  • Degumming
  • Terpene Stripping
  • Desolvation

Is this not a significantly Eco-Friendly solution? Are you as excited about OSN as I am? Please comment!


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