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Lenticular Filter Housing by Pall

Lenticular Filter Housing by Pall

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The WSFZ is an economical stainless steel filter housing for lenticular depth filter modules. The enclosed system allows high capacity depth filtration with no drip loss (no edge leaking). Designed and manufactured for heavy-duty use – 24/7. System of choice for frequently changing filtration applications.


  • Easy handling
  • Simple and fast exchange of the lenticular modules
  • High chemical resistance
  • Small foot print
  • Available for 12” and 16” modules
  • Low investment cost with a relatively large filter area
  • Easy CIP cleaning possible
  • Easy adaptable to your process due to in-house production
  • Quick opening/closing with simple clamp ring
  • Available with DOE and DOR adapter


  • The typical setup requires pumps, gauges, valves, as well as a check valve.

Shipping billed separately. Please allow 10-12 weeks for manufacturing and delivery.

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